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Home School Resource Help

So in this time of uncertainty and many people facing the reality that they have to teach their kids at home (or want to add to some work has already been set from school), I have put together a list of useful sites that we have got some great resources and ides from. Educating your kids may seem daunting, especially when you have work and other commitments but some important things to remember:

  1. You do not need to be teaching them for the whole day
  2. You can take as long or as short a time that you need to get to grips with a topic
  3. Don’t worry of you feel you are not good enough at a certain subject, we are not all good at everything. There are resources available to help.
  4. Learning can be anything, cooking, shopping, lego, Minecraft etc. If you run a business get your kids involved, show them what you do and how they could help. For example, my daughter (9) loves messing around with Krita (see below) and has designed the wallpaper for a website we are developing for one of our businesses.
  5. It is not all rosy being with them 24 hours a day! Find somewhere to get away for 5 minutes. There are so many documentaries available on TV don’t be afraid to use them!

Forest Schools: The free resources available from the forest school are fun and informative. We have been using the ‘Outdoors and Up for it‘ free download, and have some great fun in the garden and woods.

Ocearch This is a great site, it is a research site that tracks Sharks, whales, turtles, dolphins etc and you can get live updates on your favourites! It is a great opportunity to see sizes, weights and locations of these animals and we have each chosen a shark to follow. Another great thing about this site is that it has Ocearch education packs available. They are available for K- 8th Grade (American education system, but universal relevance), and also have STEM packs available. Each Grade section covers Math, English, Science etc. My kids 9 & 3 are really enjoying it.

Ducksters: A great fun site that covers lots of topics, history, geography, biography and science, and also has some games.

Hogwarts is Here: This is a site for Harry Potter fans. There are courses you can take (Astronomy, Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts etc) and you can submit them for a grade! It is a fun way to do some writing stuff.

Krita: Digital Painting package (free). It is a great way to some digital art

Daz3d: Another awesome package using 3d models. Create some amazing 3d scenes. It is free for the basic package and lots of add on’s or you can pay for certain sets.

TES: The resource place for teachers to upload the resources they use for other teachers. Anyone can sign up, and lots of the resources are free. They will all have a class plan and the marking scheme.

Youtube can be an awesome resource for any topic you choose.

Paw Print Badges: This is a great site that has lots of free resources and you can choose from lots of different challenges to complete (STEM, Racoons, Mindfulness, Den day and so many more.

Outschool: This is an online classroom with many different toipcs and courses to choose from, the lessons are NOT free. They offer one off classes, flexible learning and live classes. We have used it on many occasions and have done a wide range of the classes. My daughter has enjoyed the live classes the most as she gets to interact with other kids from around the world.

Khan Academy: This is a free resource offering lots of subjects an topics for most levels. If you create an account your progress will be logged, and you can stop and start whenever you need to. Though we do not use this often, my husband (who teaches maths to our daughter) does use it for some topics and finds it very useful and easy to use.

We have used many resources available online, but we also utilise our local area, we have been lucky as we have been travelling and we have had the luxury of seeing new places with lots to see and experience. Even if you are not travelling home schooling is a great way to rediscover where you live. Obviously some things will be restricted, but even a walk along some streets can provide a learning experience.

The above is not an exhaustive list of everything we do as a family, and there are many more things we use and come up with that sometimes just come out of our imaginations, but it may be a start!

If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to message me via twitter or instagram @junglerunmama Stay well and enjoy the opportunity.

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String Laser Game

Today we did a string laser game in our garden. We were lucky as it is a warm day with not much wind.

I got two balls of string and tied them across the area in a zig zag pattern. It proved too easy the first time, so using some weights I made the bottom of the course harder.

The kids (9 & 3) had a great time trying to get too the end, As we speak they have not completed the challenge. We will be leaving it up for a few days to see if they can do it!

For the record I cannot do it!

Stay safe, stay at home

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Coronavirus (Covid – 19)

Below are some official UK and French websites that have information regarding Covid-19.

www.gouvernement.fr/en/coronavirus-covid-19 – Information from the French Government for English speaking people in France.

UK Government Guidance

NHS – (Coronavirus Covid – 19) – Guidance

Public Health England – Coronavirus (Covid-19) Region / Case Updates

Please stay at home if you can and help prevent the spread.

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Virtual Places you can enjoy!

Here are some links to some places you can visit from home (with an internet connection).

Google Arts & Culture Website – Virtually visit famous places around the world (Doge Palace, Uffizi Galleries and much more)

Virtual Visit Tours: Blarney Castle – Where the famous Blarney Stone can be found

Cliffs of Moher: Ireland

Google Arts & Culture: The National Parks – The US National Parks

Google Arts & Culture: Stages of the World – See the Bolshoi Theatre, Carnegie Hall. Acropolis Museum, and much more)

The MetOpera: Offering a nightly Opera Stream (available for 24 hours)

Disney Parks: Via Google Street offering virtual tours

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Live webcams and educational stuff

National Museum of Natural History Virtual tour of exhibits and educational stuff

San Diego Zoo: Live cams

British Museum: Click on the dots on the home page to take you to an exhibit

The Dali: Virtual Tour of the Salvadot Dali collection

Space Centre Houston App information here (Google Play & App Store)Virtual reality experiences, audio tour etc)

The Louvre: Virtual tour around some of the exhibits

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Using Ocearch Education Packs

For this terms work we are looking at Sharks and their environments, there are lots of things available on this topic but we came across this package from Ocearch Education Package.

We started off by looking at the shark tracker that keeps an eye on all of the sharks that have been tagged for research. We all have chosen a shark to look at and follow its movements.

Miss Crackles: Chosen shark is Hal, a 12ft 6″ male White Shark weighing, 1420lbs

Mr Pickles: Chosen shark is Alara, a 10ft 11″ male Tiger Shark, weighing 590lbs

Husband: Chosen shark is Vimy, a 12ft 9″ male White shark, weighing 1164lbs

Myself: Chosen shark is Unama’ki, a 15ft 5″ female White shark, weighing 2076lbs

The tracker alone has been great as we have been learning about places in the world that they go, and if they are nearby other sharks or other animals. We have a friend who lives in Australia and we have been keeping him informed of shark activity!

Th education packs have different grades, from K-8 with topics split up into Math, Science, English and Social Studies. There are also some STEM packets, which we have not looked at yet!

We started off with the K 3-5 section as my daughter would be in grade 5. The work has been very informative, it has been great to have all the information in one place, and is set out in a logical order. The information is easy to understand and we have enjoyed researching the topics.

Though we have only done a few topics up to now we are really enjoying it, and are looking forward to watching our sharks in action.