10 minute session avoiding the water pistol

The sun is shining and it is great for being outside, but with that brings out the good old water pistols.  Daughter took great delight today in squirting water at me if she  thought I was going to slow or not doing enough.  Her dad went out with the dog so it was down to Hattie to shout out the instructions for my session at the caravan.

1) Run around it in 12 seconds (yes got squirted – too slow), amazing how tough it is to run fast around corners.

2) 12 press-ups (no squirting as she thought these were good!)

3) The cat the length of the caravan (30ft) and back – squirted just because she could

4) Hop the length of the caravan on the right leg, and back on the left, then bunny hop the same (squirted)

5) Repeated 5 times, the squirting got more and more frequent as she couldn’t help herself!

Then she chased me round the caravan squirting me.  Managed to get my own back when I found the other water pistol and chased her round the caravans,  Great fun.  Then a BBQ to finish which actually got hot enough to cook with!