10 minute workout is back!

Yesterday saw the first 10 minute workout session in I don’t know how long.  At least a year I think.

I started off with a 3 minute warm-up on the stationary bike stashed in the bedroom.  Then dear daughter and husband gave me some exercises to do; they had chosen 8 execises and wrote them down numbered 1-8 and then daughter randomly shouted out a number.  No jumping involved not sure if the pelvic floor is up to that yet!

Brief outline of workout.

1) Bike 3 minutes

2) Plank 15 seconds

3) 10 press-ups

4) The cat round the bedroom (see exercise page for more details)

5) 8 Lunges

6) 8 squats

7) Overhead press using the old dell laptop as it weighs a ton!

Repeat x 3

Whilst I was tired I wasn’t exhausted, but it was a good start.  As the night wore on I started to feel a bit stiff.  Especially the legs!

Woke up this morning feeling motivated so fed the baby and went for a quick run with the dog in the rain.  Went slightly further than I have been doing.  Now sitting on the sofa watching a film with the daughter, super stiff legs and have just had a large piece of cheesecake! Breast feeding and exercise mean a very hungry lady!