Family session

After a lovely day in York on Friday with family and friends it was back to it on Saturday with a 10 minute session with daughter and husband joining in.  The dog did her own thing.  Each person named an exercise to do and then there was a 15 second break.

1) 100 metre sprint and jog back to start to warm up.

2) Hop on right leg until daughter said stop, then back to start hopping on left leg (daughter choice)

3) 15 tri-cep dips using the picnic table chairs (husband choice)

4) Footballer side shuttles for 30 steps (me)

5) Pretend you are an owl for 20 steps (flap arms and big jumps: daughter)

6) 15 press-ups (husband)

7) Big running bounds for 20 steps and back (me)

We repeated these 5 times, with 18 lunges and 10 sit-ups to finish off with.  Was really fun, and good to have someone to do it with even though he is much better than me.  I suppose the good thing is it is not restrictive for anyone; he can do proper press-ups and run further than me but we are still working hard on our own workout but doing the same things.