Post Easter workout

Don’t think I over did it too much on the chocolate but still had a great time on the Easter Egg hunt at

So back to the workout.  Went over to a place we have done some of the sessions before that has a decent sized hill and some flat bits (as well as a nearby ice cream shop so daughter and husband can give out the commands whilst enjoying the cool ice cream.)

Session involved:

1) Sprint up the hill and jog back down (4 times; hill approx. 15 metres bottom to top)

2) 10 push-ups

3) ‘The Cat’ to a marked spot (about 10 metres) and sprint back

4) Sprint up the hill and jog back again for further 4 times

5) 10 Kangaroo jumps

6) Fast(ish) run for 400 metres

7) Further 10 push-ups

8) Sprint up hill to catch daughter

Completely knackered at the end.  Had to go to work that night as on night-shift, and by the end of the shift my thighs were screaming every time I had to bend down.  Hope tomorrow they are better!

Didn’t even get a taste of the ice cream, but was assured it was nice.