Ten Minute Tuesday

Today I managed to do a 10 minute session!

We just did it in the garden but it was good. Hattie was in the command position on the top of her slide and gave out the orders until her dad and the dog arrived back form their run.

We did a quick warm-up of footballer style side runs and some hopping around the garden (11 hops on each foot to be precise).

1) The ‘cat’ (her favourite move) around the garden.
2) Big bounding runs.
3) Crouch down and jump up so my chin went higher than the washing line.
4) Lie on my back and push myself up, and then lie flat.
5) The snake (lie on the ground and slither around, not that easy!).
6) 10 Press-ups.
And to end…
7) Can-Can dancing moves around the garden.

Quite tough to do, even though they sound so easy! The thighs are feeling it a bit today!