Hello, and welcome to my new and hopefully improved blog.

For some years now I have had a blog and have had a bit of a stop / start relationship with it. I guess I also felt that the blog was a bit limited as it was pretty much related to my mission to get fit whilst having kids.

This last year, however my circumstances have changed a lot and I feel that I have more to add and it will be a more informative blog.

So Jungle Run Mama is back and is basically about homeschooling my kids and travelling around house sitting, whilst also trying to keep fit and all the normal things in life that don’t go away.

So who are we? Well, there is my daughter Miss Crackles (9), my son Mr Pickles (3), my husband and myself. We also started our adventure with our dog Miss Bunting (9) and have added, during our travels another dog, Starlight Centurion (2)! We are in France and have been having a fantastic time!

The Jungle Run Mama name came from the exercises that I used to do with my daughter and husband when I first started this. She would shout out an animal and I would have to act like them, it is not unfortunately anything to do with my intrepid jungle adventures!

Thank you for reading, and good luck in your own adventures.