Welcome to Jungle Run Mama.

Jungle run mama came about because I was finding it tough to get motivated and fit in the time to exercise.   I tried to run three times a week, but found that it was all too easy to not go.  I needed something I could do that was short, intensive and could be done anywhere.  I really wanted my daughter to be involved so we could have fun together at the same time, so I enlisted the help of her and my husband and the Jungle Run was born! The sessions are about 10 minutes long and are a range of exercises and running.  The initial session I did was based on animals which is how the jungle run name came about see The Exercises for more information!

The sessions that I do are for me and what works for me and are adapted on the day if necessary.   I am not an expert, and do not have any formal sport and fitness training, if you wish to try any of the sessions I do then please be responsible and know what works for you and get checked out by your doctor if you are in any doubt.

I decided to write about what I have been doing to keep a record of any improvements I may (or may not) make and to motivate myself and to be honest it has been very stop start as I look back on this.  Since this started I have had a beautiful boy who is now 13 months (where did that time go?) and this has motivated me further to get fit and have fun!

Here goes……

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