A Tale of Two Beasts

Review by Miss Crackles:

This book is really funny.  When my mum read the first bit it seemed a bit short and not that funny, but when she read the next bit it became really funny.  The animal is just there singing away and she takes him because she thinks he is sick and sad and makes him where a hat.  He runs away and the next bit of the story is about what he thinks happens to him.  He thought she just took him, when really he was singing and quite happy.  In the end I think they both like each other.

Review by Emma:

I really like this book – I wasn’t sure after the first story that is told from the girls point of view but after reading it all I thought it was brilliant.  I thought the idea and the characters were great.  The illustrations worked well with the story and were great to look at.

The story showed in a fun and simple way that two people can go through the same thing and have a very different take on what they thought was happening,  It is a good way to show a child that not everyone thinks the same.  A great book.

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