Alpha Oops The Day Z Went First

“Go wherever you want! Just hurry up, or we will never get to the end.”

Review by Miss Crackles: 

I think it is very funny.  Some of the letters have more than one word and the other letters get angry.  The alphabet is all the wrong way round, and you do not know who has not been.  The pictures are good and I like my mum to read it and use different voices for the different letters.

Best bit: All the letters are funny

Worst bit: Some things are still not fair – A is not first but has the most words.

Review by Emma:

The first time I read this book with Hattie, I quite liked it, but wasn’t mad about it.  Now I have read it more, I really do like it.  The letters are funny but especially Z.  He is in charge as it was his idea to change it all about because he wanted to go first  He is there with his megaphone trying to keep things going – they don’t know who has been left out because they are not in order, it is chaos.  I like the little man at the bottom trying to put the letters in order (I have to admit I didn’t even notice him the first few times I read the book there was so much going on elsewhere).  He is very tired at the  end! The artwork is good and works well with the story.

Overall: We like this book a lot.

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