Atlas of Adventures

Review by Miss Crackles:

It is a really big book.  I like to look through it and find out abut the different countries.  There are lots of thing to find out about places and the animals and people that live there.  I like the London page because I used to live there, the pages on the Dead Sea, it is crazy how people do not sink – and put mud all over themselves and the Hot Springs page because the monkey’s are in the bath.

The best bit: Nice pictures and the Monkey’s in the bath.

The worst bit: It is big so I have to sit on the floor to look at it.

Review by Emma:

This book is really good and enjoyable to look through.  It shows the continents and then more information about some of the countries.  The artwork depicts some of the more well known features of the country, as well as showing the animals and people and facts about it,  I have enjoyed looking through it with Hattie at the places we have been to as a family and showing her places we had been to before she came along.  She finds it very interesting to look at the countries and likes to pick a place for us to look at in more detail and try the  food from (France and China easy – Russia and Mongolia not so much for the vegetarians among us).

Overall,  it is an interesting and good book to have and can bring to life other places in the world.


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