Katie and the Starry Night

“The dazzling stars sparkled and swirled.  They looked close enough to touch.”

Miss Crackles:

My mum bought this for me because we sing the Starry Night song at bedtime and I love looking at the stars.  The pictures in the book are really pretty and are different to some of the books I have looked at.  It would be fun to be like Katie and be able to catch the stars and chase them.  Katie uses lots of funny things to try and help her – I don’t know why he panted a picture of his chair, it seems a funny thing to do.

I looked on the computer at the pictures he had painted and want to go and see them, some of them cost a lot of money.

Best bit: The stars are crazy

Worst bit: I can’t touch a star like Katie


I really like this book.  The pictures are lovely and it was a perfect book for Hattie who loves the stars and the Vincent (Don Mclean) song.  The story is quite simple, but allows you to see lots of different art work being used to catch the stars.  We spent some time trying to catch the stars outside using some of the things from the book (chair, ladder, a pretend boat) and also tried to paint stars like it.  Hattie is keen to go and see some of the paintings for real.  Overall it is a nice story that can open up lots of discussion about art.  We went on to look at Jackson Pollock and the difference between his and Van Gogh’s paintings.

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