The Hueys in The New Jumper

Review by Miss Crackles:

This is a great book.  I can read it all by myself as well as with my mum and dad.  The story is very funny, they all want a new jumper too be different but that makes them not.  They don’t know that they are not different.  The pictures are very good – I like them in the jumpers.  The end is funny but I won’t say why!

Review by Emma:

We have read a few of Oliver Jeffers books and my favourite is The Great Paper Caper, so I was happy when we got recommended to read this book.  It is very simple, but funny.  The Hueys are all the same and then one of them decides to be different and before long they are all copying.  The pictures are very simple, but I think this makes them all the more charming.  I love the fact that it is simple enough for Hattie to read confidently by herself, and she gets a real sense of achievement from doing this.  For her this is a proper book she can read like big kids.

I agree with Hattie, the end is funny but I won’t spoil it!

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