The Yellow Tutu

“And then she had an idea.  A bright, glittery idea.”

Review by Miss Crackles:

I really like the picture’s in the book – they are very pretty.  I like to wear a tutu (mine is pink) and I wear it on my head and am a flower.  It was a bit sad when the other kids laughed at her, I don’t know why they would do that when she looks pretty and like the sun.  Pearl is nice and they have fun.

Best bit:  When Margot sings the sunshine song because we sing it too.

Worst bit: The mean kids

Review by Emma:

I really like the artwork and think that the pictures really work well with the story (even without the text I think you would be able to tell the story from the artwork).  It is a really lovely story about an imaginative and happy girl who likes to have fun.  I love reading this to Hattie (a very imaginative kid herself) as it brings to life all of the good things you can do with your imagination and that is ok to be yourself.

Overall: We really liked this book

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