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Going to the farm!

Pretty excited about our up and coming house sit. We have done quite a lot this past year in France and also over the years in the UK, but we have never looked after farm animals.

At the moment we are renting a small house in rural France after completing a 4 month house sit. We decided to stop the house sitting for a bit of a break, however, I do keep an eye out for interesting sits! I recently spotted a small advert for a short 4 day sit, pretty close to us with horses and goats and sheep etc.

I sent a message to the owner, explaining our experiences (and lack of) and arranged to pop down to meet her and have a chat. I took the kids and they were so happy!

Unfortunately we cannot take our dogs so my husband will stay at home with these 2 and the kids and I will head to the farm next week.

Looking forward to some new experiences!