August 2018:The Adventure Begins!

On August 9th 2018 we finished packing up our house to go off adventuring in France for a bit. We had a ‘plan’ for the first few months and after that well we weren’t sure and left those decisions for another day.

We sent a van load of stuff with my parents who had kindly offered (again) to store our things, donated some other stuff and the essentials (which grew by the end of the day) were squeezed into our car. At 4pm we left our home near Oxford for the previous 3 years to drive to Dover, UK for a ferry the following morning.

We spent this night at ‘The Grand Burstin’ Hotel. A huge hotel on the seafront. It was dark when we arrived in Dover and we had takeaway Pizzas in the car, before going up to our room. An ABBA tribute band were blasting out the tunes, but as we had the dog with us we sadly couldn’t go down.

At 6am the following day we were on our way!