On nearing Troyes, we realised that our phones were not working to enable us to access emails and therefore were unable to find the name and location of the hotel – we had not printed the details off as we assumed we would be able to use them! We remembered what the outside looked like, and that it was an old and popular one. We pulled over and my husband jumped out looking for the tourist office who we hope might be able to help us.

After 15 minutes he returned with no news. The office was closed. We drove to a different part and out he jumped again looking for the building.

Whilst he was away, I managed to get on googlemaps – this would not let us move ask for directions, but somehow knew where we were. Amazingly, and I do not know how it did this as I don’ have any recollection of doing this – it had put the name of the hotel on the map – I was relieved to day the least. My husband returned and off we went. I don;t think we would ever have found it without this and would have had to go to a freebie place for the wifi eventually

The hotel was lovely, it had a slippy floor which was not great for the dog but we managed. Off we went to find something to et. The place was so busy, with loads of restaurants that were on lovely old streets – a task now was to find something veggie!