Dinosaur Police

Review by Miss Crackles:

I got this book from my grandma as a present when she went on holiday because she knows that I love dinosaurs.  I like this book because the T-Rex eats all of the pizzas and then is very full.  My favourite bit is when all of the young dinosaurs are burping at the end.

The story is quite good, but you know that he is going to get caught.  It is a good book for me because I can read the story myself as the pictures help with telling me what is going on.

Review by Emma:

Saw this book and thought about getting it for Hattie as she loves dinosaurs, but then went to grandmas and there it was!

Overall, I quite like this book but it is not one of my favourites by the author (I really like ‘There’s a Shark in the Bath).  The pictures are good but I didn’t find it side-splitting funny.  I liked how the T-Rex got away because his hands were too small and the end bit is good with the young dinosaurs burping.

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