Dog in Boots

Review by Miss Crackles:

The dog in this book is a little bit silly.  Dogs don’t wear boots or shoes.  The dog is reading ‘Puss in Boots’ and loves the boots the cat is wearing and decides he must have a pair.  It is funny seeing the dog in different kinds of shoes, trying to get the pair that are just right.  I like it because the dog is funny.  My dog does not wear shoes.

Review by Emma: 

I was surprised I liked this book so much. I thought it would be just about a dog doing the things that puss does in the original book, but was pleased to find it wasn’t.  It was well written and funny.  The dogs thoughts were well put over and I believed that the dog may well be thinking these things.  Who knows what goes on inside a dogs head, maybe they do all want a pair of shoes.  I really liked the end bit (which I won’t spoil).

Again, another good book to read.

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