Port Side Pirates

Review by Miss Crackles

I really like this book because I like to play pirates and now I know the song I can sing it.  It is fun how the pirates go and look for treasure and they find some.  The song is easy to learn and you can sing it fast.

The pictures are nice and bright and everyone has nice pirate clothes on,

Best bit: The song

Worst bit: Nothing

Review by Emma

Well, I am not a fan of this book.  I like the pictures and I like having the CD with the book as it can bring it to life but I do not like the repetitive song on every page.  The song itself is fine and on its own when you are being a pirate it is a good catchy one to sing, but when it is on each page at the end of a small paragraph I have to admit I dread reading it.  The story seems to get lost and become insignificant as though it is all about the song.  I think the story is a good one.

I am pleased Hattie likes the book and will keep up some enthusiasm when I read it, but I would rather read it without the song bit as a normal book and keep the song for later!

Overall: Hattie thinks its great, me not so much.

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