Slightly Invisible; Charlie and Lola

Review by Miss Crackles:

I love Charlie and Lola and this is one of my favourite stories about them.  I like the way that Lola has an invisible friend that no-one else can see except her.  This book is good because you have to look carefully on the page to see if you can see him.

Lola is funny because she keeps getting in the way of Charlie and Marv and pretends that she is not.  She loves pink milk and I do not.  It is good because they are looking for tricky things and Lola comes up with the answer to get them.  I like the pictures because they have some cool looking things in them.

Review by Emma:

I really like this book.  I love the programme, but sometimes feel that the books are not as good to read, but this one is great.  It is a funny story about Charlie and Marv wanting to play together for once without her, but Lola keeps doing things to get into the game, and eventually does along with her imaginary friend, Soren Lorensen.

The illustrations are good and bring the story to life.  I also like the fact that you have to look really carefully to find Soren Lorensen on the pages, it makes it fun to see who can spot him first.

Both if us really enjoyed reading this book together, you can;t beat Charlie and Lola!

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