The Day the Crayons Quit

Review by Miss Crackles:

I chose this book myself because it had lots of stars on the reviews.  The crayons do not like the way Duncan has been using them.  Yellow and Orange are not friends because they think they are the colour of the sun.  My favourite colour is yellow and I think it is the colour of the sun.

It is funny that the crayons wrote letters, and the picture at the end is nice with all the fancy colours.

Best bit:  Yellow wanting to be the real sun colour

Worst bit: Lots of words

Review by Emma:

I do like this book; the idea is good and it is the kind of thing that ( if crayons could talk) you would believe – grey is overworked, beige is forgotten, pink is a girl colour.  The thing I do not like about it, is it is long,  Each letter that the crayons have wrote is long and I personally felt less letters would not have detracted from the story.  The artwork compliments the story.

Overall: We like this book

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