The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas

“It knew there was only one thing it could do: To put Christmas right it needed to…..”

Review by Hattie:

This book is really funny.  Santa leaves an egg and a dinosaur comes out and eats everything, even the grandma.  Then he poops it all out and everything comes out of his bottom.  My friend has another one of these dinosaur pooping books and we laugh at them.  I like it because my mum and dad make funny faces when he poops everything out.

Best bit:  When Santa comes whooshing out.

Worst bit: None, it is all funny

Review by Emma:

What can I say?  Hattie finds this book really funny, (and it doesn’t matter that it is not Christmas), I think it is quite funny.  I can see the attraction for kids (bums and poo seem to be a hot topic).  The writing is good and rhymes well, and feels quite fast paced.  There is a moral there (do not be greedy) but it is not patronizing in any way.  The pictures are really good, and compliment the story well.

Overall: Hattie loves the book, and I like it

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