The Jolly Christmas Postman

Review by Miss Crackles:
I like this book because it has lots of fun letters in it for the people in the book. The letters are taken by the postman and at the end he meets Santa who gives him a ride back in his sleigh. The book has lots of characters in from nursery rhymes and other stories. The pictures are good.

Best bit: The jigsaw and the letter for the postman at the end

Worst bit: It is not as funny as the Dinosaur that pooped!

Review by Emma:
I liked the first Jolly Postman but I do not like this book. The story feels as if it is written for the grown-up to find amusing (but I don’t), it doesn’t all rhyme but as some of it does it feels disjointed. I don’t like the postman, and the nursery rhyme characters are in the book for the sake of being in the book. The game that is for Little Red Riding Hood and the card for the postman at the end are the best bits. Hattie does like it, but more for the things in the letters than the actual story I think. Not as good as the original postman!

Overall: Hattie likes it and I don’t.

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