The Original Velveteen Rabbit

Review by Miss Crackles:

I really like this book, but it is quite long to read in one go and it is a bit tough to read by myself.  I think the boy is nice to the rabbit and loves him – the nana and the Dr are not so nice, I don’t think they understand toys at all.  The Dr tells the nana that all the toys have to be burnt – that is a terrible thing to say.  They should just wash them.

I liked to listen to the story and it is now one of my favourite books.

Review by Emma:

Wow, I haven’t seen this book for a very long time and had pretty much forgotten about it when I spotted it in the library.  The book we had does not have many pictures and I did worry that Hattie may find it a bit long, but it was a pleasure to read and it did not matter that there were not many illustrations.

The book is about a boy who had a toy rabbit who finds out that you can become Real through the love of a child.  It takes a long time but he makes it to be the boy’s best toy going everywhere with him.  I won’t say too much more about the actual story.

The story itself was written in 1922, but I don’t feel it has dated too much at all (apart form some of the language) unlike some other books that were written after this.  The story is lovely and it makes me hope that it is true and all toys get to go on to be Real.  (Though I must admit I find it very difficult to part with any teddy as they all hold so many memories).

We both love this book, and would recommend it highly.

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