The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit

Review by Miss Crackles:

I really like Peter Rabbit, he gets into lots of trouble and is always being chased.  This book is lots of fun and I liked to listen to it.  Peter is bored and wants to go to the funfair  (I also love the funfair so know how he feels).  Peter and Benjamin go to the fair even though they have been told they are not to go.  Peter gets to go on a ride and gets taken by a little girl.  Peter and Benjamin manage to get away but Peter is a bit mad because he wanted to go on the merry go round.  I liked the pictures and thought that the story was good.  I would like to read the other books.

Review by Emma:

We found this book when we were looking for books about rabbits.  Peter Rabbit is a big favourite in our house and we decided to give the book a go.  We had not read any of Emma Thompson’s books before so were unsure of what to expect.

The story was really good and captured Peter’s adventurous spirit really well.  Though the story is based on the fact that Peter disobeys his mum (again) and gets into a scrape (again) and gets out of it (again), it does not feel repetitive.  The story involved Peter going to the funfair and getting into a scrape.  Benjamin rabbit has to help Peter out so they don’t get taken home by a little girl.  I really liked the story as did Hattie.   The artwork is good and compliments the story well.

There are other Peter Rabbit books by Emma Thompson and we will be trying them all as this book was a hit.

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