This is Not My Hat

Review by Miss Crackles:

I was happy when I got home form school and my mum had got this book out of the library.  I loved ‘I want my hat back’ and got her to read this one straight away.  This story is about a little fish who takes a hat off a big fish, and thinks he has got away with it.  It is funny that the little fish is saying things but the pictures show the big fish doing a different thing.

The pictures are good because they help with the story.  The big fish is cool.  He looks big and slow, and a little bit mad that his hat has gone.

I think this book is good, I am able to read the book myself because there are not many words.  It is easy to read books like this because they are good for me to read and are more fun than the school books.

Review by Emma:

Chuffed that I found this book in the library.  I was really looking forward to reading it and high hopes after ‘I want my hat back’.  This book is written in the same style as the other one – very deadpan and almost dark humour.  Hattie really gets the humour and I think this is what makes a simple story seem so much better and a pleasure to read.

The pictures are good, I really like the way the mood is set by using dark colours – they do not make it a gloomy book, but add a lot to the story.  The big fish doesn’t say a word throughout the story, but he doesn’t have to – the pictures say it all.

Overall, a great book that didn’t disappoint.

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