Toy Story Storybook Collection

“That wasn’t flying, that was falling with style.”

Review by Miss Crackles:

I really love Toy Story, I think the film is very funny and I have the game.  I like to go on Bullseye and chase the baddie around the town.  The book is good because it has lots of stories in it.  Some of them are from the films.  My favourite story is Moving Day.  Buzz is really funny in it, he thinks he is the real Buzz.

Best bit: The pictures are good.  I like all of the book but Buzz and the aliens are the best.

The worst bit: It is heavy and Sid is mean.

Review by Emma:

I had seen this book advertised but was not sure if it would be more suitable for a bigger kid, but when we found it in a charity shop I was really impressed and would definitely pay full price for it.

The cover itself is really vibrant and inviting, and this continues inside with the pictures that go with each story.  There are 18 stories in all, mostly from the film itself but some are from ‘Woody’s round-up’, and they are all well written and in keeping with the style of the films.  The stories are a good length for a bedtime read, and enough of them so you don’t have to read the same one often.

My favourite characters in the book are the green army men – I think they are great, always ready for action and have some funny lines.