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Welcome to my blog about some of the things we do as a home educating family, and my fitness journey as a home educating mum. My name is Emma. I live with my husband and our two children (Miss Crackles, 11 and Mr Pickles, 5) and two dogs in the North of England.

What’s our story?

So we have been a home educating family for over 4 years now and we absolutely love it. It has given us so much freedom and opportunities, as well as being so much better for both of our children. Miss Crackles has been in the school system and did not have a bad experience, but even at 7 years old we could see that she was being pigeonholed into certain academic categories. Taking her out has allowed her to flourish and really embrace all aspects of learning. Mr Pickles has never been to school-and does not want to. He is a whizz with numbers, and has been reading since the age of 3.

It was daunting at first for us as others seemed to have the perfect set up, structure and crafting stations. So we researched a lot of groups, other bloggers and have found some amazing people. We connect with local, national and international families. We may all have different styles of educating, opinions and budgets but the one thing that unites us is the well being of our family.

Home educating has offered us to explore new things and some of those have included digital drawing, and we have set up our own shops on Redbubble and Teemill selling our own designs on their print on demand service. We also contribute to Pixabay with free Svg’s, and Giphy with our free designs. Another exciting avenue is through Pommes de Terres on Amazon KDP where we design and sell our notebooks and planners. There is a specific page on our blog for Products we love! these have a direct link to Amazon and we may get a small commission if you click through and buy.

Check out this post Home Education Terms for some of the terminology you may come across.

If you are in the UK you may find this group useful Educational Freedom they are a non profit organisation that offers free information and support.

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