Why Jungle Run Mama?

Where did the name for my site come from?

About six years ago I was trying to get fitter, do some exercise and just become healthier in general. In the past I have gone to gyms etc but I find them difficult places, and really just like the faster and short sessions. My husband is super fir and runs, bikes and does weights etc at home – so who better to enlist in helping me in my mission?

He came up with a version of exercises for me to do. The usual stuff, planks, curls etc – however, we were doing this alongside my daughter and to get her involved he let her pick some exercises and she would shout out things like “be a cat” or “be a snake” and I would have to do that!

Eventually we set up a set of exercises that were purely based on animals! Fun for her as she thought it was great that she could tell me what to do, and good for me as it is pretty tough being a kangaroo (this was way before Joe Wicks)!

When I decided to start blogging then the name kind of fit! I will be posting my original jungle exercise list over in fitness! I have got slightly better at exercises – now my four year old is an avid helper and I get brutal workouts from him too!