Fizzy Glitter

A few times a week I try and do a hands on science experiment – it is not always related to what we are teaching but sometimes just because I like it, they have spotted it or it has shown up on my social media.

This week we did a fizzy glitter experiment. This is really quick, and does not need many props – but is fun and my kids loved it even though they are different ages!

I got this particular experiment from the Steam Powered Family website (I have no affiliation with them – I just liked the experiment!)

What you need!

  • Small dish (we used small see through dessert dishes)
  • Some glitter (we only had red, but a mixture of colours would be good)
  • White vinegar (we had cleaning vinegar but it worked fine!)
  • Baking Soda
  • Something to drop the vinegar (we had a couple of old kids medicine syringes that worked great)

What do you do!

  • Put a layer of baking soda onto the bottom of your dish
  • Add some glitter over the top
  • Draw up the vinegar into the syringe . dropper
  • Drop / squirt the vinegar onto the bicarbonate of soda
  • See and hear what happens!

This is what happened to ours!

It was really cool – the reaction made a bubbling and fizzing noise and different sizes of bubbles rose up from the bottom.

The fizzing was pretty loud – we could hear it without being too close.

The glitter did not sink to the bottom.

The fizzing continued whist there was still bicarbonate in the dish so we added some more to the top and the excitement continued!

It was really quick, and for a glitter activity not too messy! Both the 10 year old and 4 year old enjoyed it and we had lots of discussions about textures, smell, why the glitter did not sink, what would have happened if we added too much vinegar – I am sure there were many more!

Thanks for reading!