Football Charts for reading, maths and more!

Football for learning! Mr Pickles is a big fan of football. He loves playing it, watching it, and reading about it. His interest in this is a great way for him to learn about things without any pressures or being forced to do so – he loves to know stuff.

During the summer we avidly watched Euro 2020, and used this as an opportunity to find out about countries, players and how the set up of the competition works. We all chose a team to support (other than England) and watched their progression through the competition. It was a great experience for him to see who would go through etc.

Rolling on to August, and an equally exciting Olympics we hit the beginning of the English Premiership and we found out that there was a Match of the Day Magazine and even better they were giving away a free wall chart. We knew that this would be an ideal learning opportunity and we were delighted with the chart.

So how do we incorporate this into learning?

  • Reading: Well, obviously all of the team names, and some of them are not exactly straight forward. It is great to be able to read unusual names and see for himself that what is written is not necessarily how you pronounce something.
  • Ordering: Checking out the leagues when they are updates each week, and rearrange the teams accordingly. This is also a great way to look at why some clubs may be higher than others despite their numbers (points, goals etc) being the same. This is usually because if that is the case then it goes in alphabetical order!
  • Numbers: Obviously points on the board! But it can also be how many goals were scored, who let in more goals, goal difference between the clubs, how much players cost, which clubs have the most money and so much more!
  • Geography: Where the teams are based in England. How far away are they from where we live. Which team has to travel the furthest and so much more.
  • History: How long have the clubs been around, who started them, have they moved….
  • General: The other competitions that arise throughout the season, other teams in the leagues, the womens league, the scottish league.

It is a truly rich resource to have, especially if you have a kid who is interested in football. The above, is not even an exhaustive list of what we can do with this data. Football for learning can give you a wealth of information and has real world relevance.