Hero scarecrow

The village in which we live had a scarecrow hunt over August. The theme for this year was ‘hero scarecrow’ which led to lots of discussions and musings of what our hero scarecrow should look like. Who would be our hero?

Finally, after a few days of deliberations we decided on Frodo! A small hero who saved the world from evil against all the odds.

Making the hero scarecrow

Then it was time for the hard work – actually making the scarecrow. A few trips to the charity, pet and craft shops and we were good to go. The head was easy, a pillow case stuffed with straw and some large googly eyes and wool hair.

The body not too bad either with a white shirt and brown pants stuffed with straw. But the feet, what to do with the feet? Hobbits have very distinctive feet – large and hairy. Our initial thoughts were papier mâché feet but we had bought the wrong glue… Procuring the correct glue we had a short time frame to make this work, so we moulded some kind of papier mâché strips around my crocs. Then we painted them a skin colour and attached cardboard toes to the end. As all hobbit fans will know we needed hair to make it look good. For this our dog (Pyrenean Cross) came to the rescue – a quick brush and we had lots of cool hobbit like hair.

So the hero scarecrow looked like Frodo and not just a small scarecrow we needed something to make it obvious who it was. The one thing that Frodo carries, and what the book is about is ‘The Ring’. So we decided to make an oversize ring that would (hopefully) make it obvious who our hero scarecrow was!

The finished hero scarecrow

The big day dawned and we popped our hero scarecrow Frodo in the front garden. To give it more context Miss Crackles drew a cool picture of The Eye of Sauron and we added a heroic quote “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” (J.R.R.Tolkien) in the window behind Frodo.

We were really happy with how he turned out, and to be taking part in the hero scarecrow hunt. There were other really cool scarecrows around the village, and we had a lot of fun following the trail. We had the only Frodo, which was nice and more importantly people knew who he was supposed to be!