It’s Christmas!

Wow, I can’t believe it is nearly Christmas, and then a new year. 2021 has again been a mixed bag with lots of highs, and some lows – still we have managed laugh and have fun and make some new friends.

For the last month we have been playing our annual family games competition – points are awarded and competition is high! This year the grand winner was Miss Crackles – she had led most of the way through with some fantastic game play until Mr Pickles took a storming lead on the second last day thanks to some amazing Sorry gameplay and Miss Crackles thought it was all over. However, a resounding game of Carcassone pulled her over the finish line. Her prize this year a £10 voucher to spend wherever she wants, 2nd placed Mr Pickles wins a £5 mystery supermarket gift and my husband and I (3rd & 4th) a big fat nothing!

Looking back over the last few months we have had some fun at home education meet ups, seen family and got through a fair bit of work to name a few. We have lots of new and exciting things to work on in the new year and are excited to get started.

For now though we are finishing up some loose ends and waiting for Santa!

Merry Christmas to you all.

The Home Educating Family