Let the games begin!

So we have hit November and it is time for our annual games competition to begin. Every year for the past five years we have done this and it has been good fun, and can get competitive!

This doesn’t mean that we don’t play games at other times during the year – but this is the time we play for a prize! Previous prizes have included an handy extra large wooden fork, a new set of espresso cups, a whisk and a huge cake!

Miss Crackles is old enough to play on her own, but Mr Pickles is allowed to choose who he plays with for games he cannot do on his own – he still gets full points if his team wins.

What do we play?

We have a lot of games that we enjoy but here are some of our favourite longer ones.

Oceanos A underwater exploration game where you navigate in your submarine. You have to collect sea animals, treasure and coral and the are able to upgrade your submarine to accommodate the things you collect. Each player gets a maximum of 15 turns, so it is quick but the first few times it can be confusing to play.

Carcassone This is a real favourite of ours, and is made even more special as we have visited the actual city on many occasions. The basic game is fun – you each have a set of tiles and take turns in placing one to make cities, roads etc. Each placed tile must fit with one already played. We have some extensions to the game – the dragon and the abbots which add some excitement.

Korrigans A really lovely game that involves you strategically trying to get as many coins as you can whilst also trying to get some animals together to enable you to move around the board through specific gates. The end objective is to get your Korrigan to the pot of gold. This occurs when all of the coloured counters are played. The person who does this last is the one who places the cauldron!

We also enjoy playing:

  • Dobble (original is the best!)
  • Abandon all artichokes
  • Hive
  • Qwerkle
  • Cluedo (with the card travel pack)
  • Aztec
  • Pick a dog (pick a pig also available)
  • Geistes Blitz (mind confusing but good fun)
  • Uno
  • Game of life (I don’t think the new version is as good as the original!)

Previous years have seen us going a bit overboard with the points available per game but this year we are being disciplined – 3 points for a win, 1 for second and 0 for the loser!

December 15th is deadline day, so until then we will be trying to be the best!