Making scales!

Last week we looked at weight; how things that weigh the same can look and feel different. For example, a one kilogram fitness weight looks and feels a lot different to a one kilogram pack of pasta! We looked at the different items of groceries in the house and compared the weight and feel of them.

My son, even though he is only four loves to exercise and will do various workouts most days (of his own design or from my husbands grand collection). He is very interested in the different loose weights we have around the house and it is a great way to get home to add up and understand balancing.

We decided, to make a balance scale and use the household weights to see how heavy the kids were. We gathered together:

  • a long leftover floorboard
  • a breeze block
  • a brick
  • a variety of weights
  • two children

The idea is that you put the breeze block on the ground, add the small brick on its side (to make a pivot), and then add the floorboard on (it needs to be in the middle). Then add some weights and a child!

Word of caution! As the board is not fixed you cannot add to one side without adding to the other side at the same time or it will fall!

If you are using children you need to lift them, and hold them until there is a comparable weight on the other side!

Carefully getting our equipment together we slowly added a child on one side and then loaded up with weights until the floorboard was balanced. It was a bit precarious but both of the kids loved it.

Author: Jungle Run Mama