Not back to school picnic for home educated children

A not back to school picnic for home educated children is exactly what it sounds like! Home educated children meet up with other families, and have a picnic in a park. Traditionally at this time of the year social media is flooded with first day at school, new school and new year photos of kids all dressed up in their uniforms – home educated families do it a different way.

What are the picnics?

There are picnics organised all over the country in local parks by home educated families and it is a great opportunity to have fun and connect. The picnics offer a great source of friendships, advice and support for families from different backgrounds and with very different reasons for home educating. Some families have home educated for a long time, others at the start of their journey, but each family are doing what they believe is right for them and are seeing their children thrive in an inclusive and friendly environment.

Our local picnic was on a beautiful warm day, and was set in a beautiful large park with lots of space to run around, play and enjoy ourselves. The highlight of the day was the pant fight – lots of kids and adults throwing paint powder (all toxic free, and safe for the environment) at each other. Everyone joins in and very soon can be covered head to toe in a variety of colours.

Some photos of the day

The meet ups that occur throughout the year are a great way to forge friendships, and get new ideas for learning. As home educators we are always on the look out for exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our children, and as we all come from different backgrounds we can utilise each others contacts and knowledge.

Home education is a great adventure, and we are so lucky to be able to go on this journey with our children, and give them the tools and belief in themselves to make their own choices, question everything and facilitate their thirst for knowledge.

Thanks for reading!