Our alphabet approach

Mr Pickles is four. He can be a bit stubborn about things, and we did not want to put him off learning and reading by forcing him into it when he was not ready or open to learning. However, we firmly believed that he needed to learn to read in order to experience life and the wonder of books and where they can take you. We have lots of books, that he would look at, we would read to him but we wanted to move this forward.

So what did we do?

I knew that he wouldn’t be engaged with a traditional alphabet list. I know that he loves cars, and could spot a car a mile away and get the type right. He could also recognise every badge. So I made some posters of car badges for each letter. He chose the badges, we looked on the internet for the more obscure letters (U, Y, Z) and found some that we are unlikely to see!

Way back in December 2019 these were put in our kitchen on the units at his height. They have the car badge, the letter (Capital and small) and what it stands for.

He was tickled by this, and was more than happy to look, discuss it and ask questions. We supplemented this with getting him car magazines – buy and sell old classic cars ones, as they have cool pictures and lists. He reads them avidly. In the early days he would look for the cars that matched his alphabet poster. This was a huge win for us, and I have revamped them a few times but they are still there being referred to and because he likes them!

Now it is January 2021, and he has been able to read well since last September using this approach and some other techniques that we went with. I will post examples of these soon!

I am not an artist so the pictures are not drawn well!