Questions and Answers

Why Home Educate?

My husband worked remotely, and this meant we were able to travel freely – home schooling seemed a great way to be able to do things together as a family when we wanted and how we wanted. We also had some concerns about the teaching our daughter was receiving and this was after she had been to two very different schools. We had to move when she was in Year One for work, and she was very excited by this (we had travelled a lot when she was small and she loves new places) and there was a pattern at both schools. I don’t believe it was us just seeing these patterns or us being pushy parents. We gave them lots of opportunities to help, talk and change and they didn’t. Looking back I feel we were right with out concerns.

The first was a big school with 30 others in her class and the second a very small school (6 kids in her year). We began to see that she was being held back in her reading, as both schools consistently gave her books that were to easy for her. I spoke to the teachers on numerous occasions but nothing changed. By the end she was reading what she wanted to and no school books at all.

Maths was another major concern, She was very quickly having a negative attitude to the basic stuff, (she loved this at home and at nursey) she did not like it or could not see the point in doing it. This was concerning as she was only four or five. We knew she was capable, but had been classed as a slow learner even a this early age, Talking to the teachers about this, we were fobbed off with her age (she is August born) and she had a lack of motivation / ability to grasp concepts for maths. We did start to do more at home but she was already not engaged with maths, and you cannot expect a young child to go to school all day, and then do more work on top. Things had to change.

So we discussed what we could do and decided to make a commitment to home education for one year, and review. Though my daughter was young we asked her opinion, and she was more than happy to give it a go – and here we are three years later with a ten year old who is happy, inquisitive and likes maths.

There were lots of positives at both schools, but the basic subjects were not well taught, and this would have had a negative impact on her whole life. I will go into more later, but home education has made a massive difference to us as parents, to my daughter and our son. He is an amazing four year old who can read fluently, and loves numbers and counting among many many other things!