Water Suspension Experiment

Hot on the heels of our previous Fizzy Glitter experiment we tried a water suspension one!

This experiment came from A Mothership Down – again, I have no affiliation to this website I just liked this easy experiment.

What do you need, and what did we do?

  • A bowl of water (preferably clear)
  • A clear drinking glass (small)
  • Water
  • Food colouring (we used blue)

So we filled our bowl with water and added some of the blue food colouring (any colour will do!), then taking our glass we submerged it into the water allowing some to go inside – without taking it out we flipped it upside down so the opening is under the water.

Carefully we lifted up the glass out of the water a little bit – you can see that the water inside the glass is still there and has not fallen out back into the dish (air pressure). As long as the glass is under the water the water in the glass will remain.

As soon as we lifted the glass out of the water the seal was broken and whoosh! the water cascaded out back into the bowl – gravity is back in action!

We did this lots of times – the glass makes a satisfying noise when it comes out of the water!

Thank for reading!