Welcome to 2022

New Year, new work topics for us all here at the Home Educating Family. Some of our work is constant but we will be looking at new things too. We don’t follow a curriculum as schools would but do things that are interesting and informative. Obviously maths and science can be more structured but there are so many amazing topics to look into that we are never stuck for something to learn about.

What is the same?

  • We are still up and running with our print on demand digital artwork shops on Redbubble and Teemill.
  • Duolingo is still in full swing for our French, but this time we have added in Dash and Blink free French game on Biteszie for Mr Pickles. Miss Crackles is forging ahead still (as am I) and we will be doing more speaking with each other this term in a bid to improve our listening skills. We have found Radio garden excellent in listening to French Radio.
  • Lego club for Mr Pickles is still going on, and it is lovely to hear the children interacting more each week.
  • Football, Zoology with Amy, Philospohy & Religion with Ely Cathedral and many others are still continuing this year too.

What’s New?

  • We have decided to look at Law for our main topic this January /February. This will include the UK judicial system etc and will loosely follow the GCSE/A Level syllabus.
  • Miss Crackles is well on with her new game she is programing. It will be different to Waddles and written in a different programming language.
  • Masonary! We randomly chose to look into this topic, and were fascinated by what you need to know. We followed the basic tutorial by Peter Roberts from The Brickwork Tutors Toolbox which has some good beginner basics. Now we just need to build an actual wall!
  • Better late than never we are going to be joining Tik Tok, we are @junglerunmama if you fancy taking a look. Not sure how that is going to play out but excited for the challenge.

Bye for now!