Youth Climate Change Protest

We travelled to Leeds for the youth climate change protest organised by youth4climatechange protest at the end of September 2021, and it was really inspiring! It was our first protest as a family and both Miss Crackles and Mr Pickles were excited.

Banner Making

Every good protester needs a banner, so we set to making one each! Miss Crackles chose a worded one “Don’t be a fossil fool!”, and Mr Pickles went for a cool penguin with “we have to keep it cool” written on.

Setting off to the protest was an adventure in itself as we went on the train. We haven’t been on public transport in forever and Mr Pickles cannot even remember ever being on a train. It was a smooth and stress free trip that got us into the heart of Leeds in no time.

The protest

So we weren’t sure how many people would be there, and how the whole event may pan out but it was very well organised, and pretty well attended. There were lots of young speakers, and stalls with representatives from local and national climate groups. Of course there was some shouting, and to the delight of Miss Crackles the opportunity to have her photo taken with her banner from lots of the groups!

As a family we try and do what we can for change but I am sure we could do more. It is vitally important for the future of our world to change our habits and governments round the world need to do more. As individuals we need to take responsibility and use our voices to make them listen.