The big spoon and the lady of the north. Art but different.

We headed into Northumberland to visit a couple of local sites. The big spoon and the lady of the north. Art but different.

Eating for England – the big spoon

On a wet and windy February day we headed to Cramlington to discover the Eat for England big spoonan art installation of a big spoon in Cramilington, erected in 2006 by it’s creator Bob Budd. We only actually heard about the sculpture last year and decided to pay a visit.

So it is a little bit tricky to find, and not signposted (as far as we could see) but if you locate the Bay Horse pub in Cramlington you are very close, and luckily we had my dad on hand to guide us as he had been before! We parked in the housing estate next to the pub and crossed the main road (A189) to a small track leading between the fields. You go under a subway and keep on going!

After a 5 minute walk (it was pretty muddy) we could see it the Eat for England big spoon, and it was really striking from a distance and even more so close up. I was really taken by it, I can’t explain why it just made me smile. Miss Crackles and Mr Pickles liked it to, but not as much as me!

The big spoon

Northumberlandia – The lady of the North

Northumberlandia is a piece of public art set in a community park. The lady of the north is made up of 1.5 tonnes of rock, clay and stone, and is 100ft high and a quarter of a mile long. She was made after the restoration of the nearby Shotton surface coal mine. It is part of a living landscape that will transform through the seasons and over the years.

It was really windy on the day of our visit, and the mist meant we could not see that far, but we were assured by my dad that if it is clear you can see for miles! we had lots of fun running up the various parts of the lady. It is a nice spot and I am sure in the spring there will be lots of amazing flowers around. There is a woodland trail that you can follow, but due to the storms it was closed on the day of our visit.

Lady of the north

A lovely few hours was spent at these places – The big spoon and the lady of the north. Art but different. My favourite? The spoon. It just cool to me!